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Ticket to see The Magnetic Fields on 3/7 in Philly [Feb. 6th, 2012|03:37 pm]
stephin merritt

I'm not sure if anyone still hangs out around here, but I though I would reach out just in case.

I have a ticket to see The Magnetic Fields on 3/7 at Union Transfer in Philly. I cannot use it. If anyone can use it and would be interested in procuring said ticket from me, message me, please!

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2 tickets for Strange Powers tonight [Oct. 29th, 2010|05:23 pm]
stephin merritt

I have 2 tickets for the 8:10 showing of <i>Strange Powers</i> tonight at the Film Forum in NYC that I'm looking to give away. Stephin, the band, and the film makers will be there for  a Q&A after the show. If anyone wants them, comment here.
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(no subject) [Mar. 2nd, 2010|03:36 am]
stephin merritt

Any Magnetic fields fans going to the gig in Manchester come along to the aftershow party I am throwing at the deaf institute.

Details: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=10150092783025455&ref=mf
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Cassett from My Ex [Jan. 21st, 2010|03:57 pm]
stephin merritt

 This is slightly off topic, being that it's about Clauda Gonson, but there is some Stephin Merrit and it's so lovely I can't see how anyone could object.


Smashing idea for a website. Apologies if this has been posted before.
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Hootenanny [Dec. 14th, 2009|12:29 pm]
stephin merritt

[music |The Magnetic Fields - We Are Having a Hootenanny]

If you preorder "Realism" from Insound.com, you get a free download of the song "We Are Having A Hootenanny."

It's totally worth it.

Also, for those not in the know, there's a really awesome website that has a Livejournal syndication feed you should all probably follow. Just so you know.

But, anyhow, go listen to the song, it really is more amazing than I can say. So fun.
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I don't know who, [Nov. 27th, 2009|10:15 pm]
stephin merritt

[mood |Shameful]

but some loser created Aging Spinsters: A Stephin Merritt Fan-Blog. We should probably hurl eggs at him, but not before perusing his website.
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TOUR DATES ANNOUNCED! [Nov. 17th, 2009|10:24 am]
stephin merritt

[music |Your Long White Fingers]

Hey, all. So, the 2010 Magnetic Fields tour dates have been announced, thank god! The dates are here. Tickets don't go on sale until November 20, but pre-sale tix are available here. European dates TBA.

But, anyhow, !!!!!!!!!!.

I can't say how fucking excited for this I am. I just bought two tix to the Chicago show and two tix to the St. Louis show. Can't wait for the road trip, and I can't wait for the shows, both of which I'm sure will be as life-changing as previous MagFields shows. I hope this isn't the last batch of American tour dates, too. In 2008, they re-toured in the Fall, allowing me to see them two more times. SO, YEAH.
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This community is kinda dead, but... [Nov. 15th, 2009|11:21 am]
stephin merritt


REALISM, folks! The Magnetic Fields' new album is coming out January 26, 2010, and it looks like this:

And, it's track listing is as follows:

You Must Be Out of Your Mind
We Are Having a Hootenanny
I Don't Know What to Say
The Dolls' Tea Party
Everything Is One Big Christmas Tree
Walk a Lonely Road
Always Already Gone
Seduced and Abandoned
Better Things
Painted Flower
The Dada Polka
From a Sinking Boat

And, the official SM website has this to say about it:

The Magnetic Fields' new album, "Realism," will be released on Nonesuch Records on January 26, 2010. Swerving from the unrelenting feedback pop of "Distortion," this record explores the various genres under the umbrella of folk. Stephin says, "I thought of the two records as a pair, and I initially wanted them to be called 'True' and 'False.' But I couldn't decide which I wanted to be called 'True' and which I wanted to be called 'False.'"

All of this is said before announcing that the band will tour in 2010, and folks, if that's not a reason to revive this community, I really don't know what may be.

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(no subject) [Aug. 10th, 2009|12:27 am]
stephin merritt

[music |Brian Eno - Some of them are old]

My life according to The Magnetic FieldsCollapse )</div>
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(no subject) [Jun. 11th, 2009|08:16 pm]
stephin merritt

Sorry if this kind of thing isn't allowed, but I'm in a pickle.

Basically, I bid on a Magnetic Fields poster on ebay, then ended up finding one I like better. So now I'm screwed. I'll buy the poster if it comes down to it, but I thought, "Hey, maybe the lovely people in the Stephin Merritt Livejournal community would like to save my ass take advantage of this super-cool once in a lifetime bargain!"

Here it is.

And again, sorry. I feel kind of spammy posting this, but I'm desperate. Hopefully one of you has just been dying to find a nice-looking, moderately priced MF poster to display prominently in your home, or whatever.
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